Natural Marsala Red Wine Concentrate

Where, why, how to use it!

There is no Italian cuisine without Marsala. Wine of ancient traditions that collects the strong and fascinating flavours of the Sicily, this precious ingredient can be used in numerous recipes.

Our Marsala concentrate is a very high quality product, clean label because it is simply obtained from superior quality Marsala wine, concentrated at a low temperature so as to keep all the organoleptic characteristics intact. Nothing but wine without any other ingredient or preservative. The elevenfold concentrate obtained is non-alcoholic and can be stored at room temperature. The uses are many and the dosages vary according to the application and taste.

Thanks to its extreme versatility, Marsala concentrate can be used very easily as an ingredient in numerous recipes, and can give a refined taste. In the food industry, Marsala concentrate finds its ideal use in the preparation of ready meals based on meat, ragù. As a glaze for condiments, excellent in the preparation of vegetables in a pan. In baked goods to give a touch of character to sweet or savory compounds.

In desserts, it surprises by giving an aromatic note to tiramisu, soft cakes and cheese cakes.


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