Respect: a choice of daily life.

We choose to play our role in contributing to offer the consumers food which is healthy, safe and of organoleptic excellence.

Nature is our best supplier.

We only purchase products of undoubted origin and from suppliers who do not adopt illegal work situations.

IFRA-IOFI Sustainability Charter

We are the first in Italy, in the flavor industry, to have signed the Charter.


L’Italiana Aromi has always been guided by ethics and sensitivity towards people and environment.

In this spirit, we choose to invest in the purchase of high quality raw material, not accepting products of dubious origin nor coming from suppliers who are alleged to adopt illegal work practices.

We choose to believe in the value of women and men, of any culture, religion or ethnic group, who represent, for L’Italiana Aromi, an essential element of stimulus, proactivity and development.

We choose to sustain the environment with an efficient and integrated energy system which contributes significantly to our own energy requirements.

Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics sets out the business principles that must inspire the choices and conduct of everybody who acts on behalf, and in the interests, of the Company, in different capacities and at different levels.

In particular, L’ITALIANA AROMI s.r.l. is committed to conducting business within a framework of transparency, honesty, integrity, fairness and good faith, safeguarding the interests of the customers, employees, sales partners and – generally speaking – the community to which the Company belongs.

Compliance with laws, ethical integrity, loyalty, solidity, reliability, transparency and management fairness, trust and cooperation are the ethical principles that inspire L’ITALIANA AROMI s.r.l. and result in its models of conduct, in order to effectively and fairly compete in the market, improve its customers’ satisfaction, increase the value for its shareholders as well as develop the skills, and ensure the professional growth, of its human resources.

The provisions of this Code of Ethics shall be construed to supplement such documentation and management tools as referred to in Form 231.

Organization, Management and Control Model

The Organization, Management and Control Model (“Model 231”) is understood as a coherent set of principles and rules of conduct governing the internal operation of the Company and the way in which the Company establishes and maintains external relations, and regulating the control system of sensitive activities, in order to prevent the perpetration, or attempted perpetration, of such offences as referred to in Legislative Decree 231/2001.

Hence the adoption of Model 231 allows the Company:

  • to prevent and fight the perpetration of such offences as contemplated in Decree 231/2001 and punish any conduct held by the business functions in breach of the Law and company rules;
  • to sensitize both the business functions and the stakeholders (customers, suppliers, consultants, partners etc.) to the importance of ensuring – in the performance of business operations – fair, transparent forms of conduct in line with the ethical/social values of the Company and such as to prevent the risk of committing such offences as contemplated by Decree 231/2001;
  • to verify, rationalize, revise and supplement the decision-making and operating processes as well as the control systems of the Company;
  • to sensitize the business functions to the importance of complying with, and implementing, the rules of conduct and the prevention protocols adopted by the Company.

Let's make butterflies fly.

Maddalena, 10, sees a world where every butterflays us a flower.

Water is a precious resaurce.

Sara, 10, dreams of snowy mountains, green meadows and clear streams.

Let's save the bees!

Cecilia, 5, has clear ideas about the importance of bees for nature. And us?

Can you draw me a flower, the sea, the sun?

We asked our employees, parents of school-age children, to let their then draw their idea of nature.

Many drawings have arrived and will be published in rotation on this site.

It was exciting to see how children can once again give us very important messages in a simple way.

Sometimes it would be enough to stop and listen to them, to really make a better world.

A model of sustainable development.

Photovoltaic, geothermal, cogeneration, architectural, environmental and energy requalification. Since 2006 we have chosen to be green.

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