Talking about sustainability is not enough; companies must meet standards which are both stringent and expensive to implement, but produce remarkable results, if they are strictly complied with. This is how we at L’Italiana Aromi are committed to safeguarding the environment, our measures ranging from reducing the energy impact, through photovoltaic, geothermal and cogeneration systems, which have been operated for over 10 years and cover approximately 70% of the daily requirements, to purifying industrial water. We at L’Italiana Aromi decided to further boost sustainability through investments exceeding 150,000 euros and a purification plant of our own, which required a little more than one year’s work, and has been in full action for eighteen months. Industrial sewage purification allows liquid waste from the manufacturing process to be treated and water with polluting values markedly below the limits under current regulations to be let into the sewerage system.

Based on the characteristics of our extremely biodegradable sewage, we opted for a biological treatment plant. The biological system relies on activated sludge which is kept oxygenated by a microbubble air diffusion system. Biological sludge feeds on the polluting organic load to naturally lower the COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) and BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand). A microfiltration module separates the biomass from purified water, which can thus be finally released under optimal conditions.