We combine science and technology to improve our products, develop new ones and help upgrade the manufacturing processes.


Creating flavourings targeting all the food cultures and preserving both typical characteristics and authentic taste: this is one of the strengths of L’Italiana Aromi, which combines the unique Italian style with the most varied requirements of the international market.

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Our expertise consists in developing solutions in line with the changeable requirements of the food industry, which always translates into innovative recipes.

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We at L’Italiana Aromi have always focused on innovation, through major investments, e.g. in our laboratories. Our Research, Development & Application and Quality Control Laboratories – among the largest and most advanced in Europe – can now boast state-of-the-art equipment and instruments. All of this allows us to ensure high quality standards, speed, absolutely reliable analytical data and innovative products.

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We are Italian.
By definition creators of good taste.



From a perfect knowledge of the raw material to our flavourists’ expertise, from scientific research to application: these are the steps L’Italiana Aromi relies on to develop ground-breaking products ready for industrialisation.

Chemical know-how and mastery of the characteristics of plants, their properties and numerous applications in the food industry are the assets we at L’Italiana Aromi make available to our customers.

The consulting services offered to our customers and the ability to provide tailor-made solutions, fast samples and ingredients with standardised characteristics also make us the ideal partner for the food industry.


We work alongside you, with the competence we have acquired through years of experience.



We achieve our expertise by constantly studying raw materials, their characteristics, laboratory technologies and manufacturing plants.

Expertise means producing flavourings which can preserve and enhance the organoleptic characteristics and taste of the finished product.

It means assisting our customers in the proper use of our products, to make the most of their organoleptic characteristics and so helping them to provide consumers with top-quality food and beverages.

Helping to provide consumers with top-quality food and beverages.


Innovators are born, innovation is won. With the right tools.


The food industry is constantly coming to grips with new trends and new needs. They are searching for innovative solutions and new inspiration, even in more traditional applications.

To meet these requirements, we at L’Italiana Aromi have chosen to provide ourselves with state-of-the-art instrumentation, latest-generation laboratories and highly trained staff.

Research figures

  • over 1,700 sq. m. of laboratories
  • over 5,000 hours/year devoted to analysis
  • approximately 1,000 projects developed every year
  • 600 SPME headspace analyses

The wide range of instruments we have available allows us to ensure quality control on all the incoming batches of raw materials as well as on the semi-finished and finished products.

We rely on precise automated measuring systems to prepare samples with varied aromatic notes. This allows our customers to assess different tones of taste in the same recipe. The sophisticated IT system and the stringent data access protocols provide remarkable efficiency, quality and confidentiality.

All the samples of the coded items are available in prompt delivery.

One triple quad LC/MS/MS system

The system offering the highest performance available in the market, in particular for applications requiring high sensitivity and reproducibility. Designed to provide increasingly precise and reliable analytical results.

Two gaschromatographic systems (GC-MS)

Equipped with a CTC-PAL autosampler for testing liquids, headspace and SPME, for high flexibility in the identification of compounds in different matrices.

Three HPLC systems with UV and DAD detectors

Used for several applications, including the characterisation of different food components (e.g. sugar, vitamins, organic acids and amino acids), the analysis of food additives (e.g. colouring agents and preservatives) and the analysis of active ingredients of plant extracts (e.g. anthocyanins, catechins and flavonols).

One inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer (ICP-OES)

Used to determine inorganic compounds in different matrices, in particular to rule out the presence of heavy metals (e.g. lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury), and to quantify macro elements of food interest (e.g. sodium, potassium, iron, calcium and magnesium).

One HPLC system with a mass spectrometer detector (LC-MS)

Used in food safety to detect and quantify traces of substances (e.g. pesticides and mycotoxins).

Four chromatographic systems (CG-FID)

With nonpolar or polar columns, used in the quality control of both raw materials and finished products, to ensure a high quality standard.

One UV/VIS spectrophotometer

Used to quickly evaluate the impurities of some raw materials and provide constantly uniform colours in coloured finished products.

One multi-plate spectrophotometer

Used to evaluate the antioxidant activity of extracts from plant matrices (e.g. ORAC and DPPH methods).

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