Villa Tittoni, Desio; in this location from 12th March to 18th March 2018 will take place #workinprogress, a project created by Good Morning Brianza (a public-private network that develops social initiatives for citizens) to support, through fundraising, the reintegration of those who have lost their jobs.

The employment world in Brianza will be illustrated through the lenses of 18 professional photographers, depicting its evolution and change. L’ Italiana Aromi will be represented by the artist Matteo Pasin, who has chosen a humble, low-technology piece of equipment to be the silent witness of this transformation. A difficult and cryptic choice, which we hope will fulfill the purpose set by the event organisers.

L’Italiana Aromi believes that women and men of any culture, religion and ethnicity have the potential to bring encouragement, empowerment and proactivity to any business; for this reason we are glad to be part of the #workinprogress project and contribute to integrate people into the work environment.

The project will run from March to May 2018 and it is articulated by different but connected parts: a photography exhibition free of charge open to the public from 12th March to 18th March and workshops to discuss the current business culture and its development connected with innovation.

Finally a press conference is planned to involve the public opinion along with a charity auction. All proceeds will be devolved to Fondo Borse Lavoro.