“Since 1890 we have been hooked on flavours”.

IA_advThis is the new slogan of the 2012 ADV campaign that  emphasizes and supports the renewal in all our company divisions. In Italian the idiomatic expression “ to have the dot for flavours” means to be hooked on flavours and watch out for them.
The coloured dots, the main element of the advertising page, have been  first introduced in the corporate brochure in order to differentiate the three areas: scale of yellow for the institutional area, scale of blue for laboratories and scale of green for production.
Fruits, vegetables and analytical instruments are included in perfect and defined circles and are meant to highlight the complete control of technology, the careful selection of raw materials and the deep knowledge of extraction methods.
And dots, placed in well-ordered rows, collect all competences of L’Italiana Aromi creating a coloured square under divisions.
Through the attractive pay off, we chose to communicate to the market with a little of irony. A concession that is allowed especially to those who, like us, have been working in this field for over 120 years and do not feel old yet.