aromi bevande alcalineSince some years, there has been a good deal of talk about alkaline waters and their beneficial effects on the human body. The challenge gathered by L’Italiana Aromi, a company specialized in the production of flavors, infusions, extracts and distillates, was to enrich with its flavours the highly alkaline water, so as to transform it into a tasty and healthy beverage. Thanks to its extraction expertise, the technological know-how and the R&D long experience in the soft drinks sector together with a permanent innovative process, the company based in Carate Brianza can achieve today a new strategic target.

“We have been working in close synergy with WET Global, an English manufacturer of an innovative technology to alkalize water naturally, applicable to any bottling line. We share their goal on alkaline beverages, although it was not easy, since the high pH of alkaline waters considerably alters the taste of flavours. – explains Mr. Roberto Tirelli, Owner and Technical Manager – But our work consists in continued research, testing, using highly sophisticated technologies, and a lot of patience. And finally the result is very interesting.”

The Pure Ionic Water technology ( by WET Global Ltd, combined with L’Italiana Aromi’s extraction expertise, innovation and know-how, allowed to create a new category of beverages for the consumer. The concept related to the development of “flavoured alkaline water” resulted in a complete portfolio of products, consisting of various categories of beverages, among which those based on tea and herbal infusions, sport beverages, flavoured waters, vitamin and functional waters. All of the flavoured beverages reach a pH higher than 7.2 and most of them have a pH included in the range between 8.5 and 10. All this, combined with a reduced amount of or no sugar, and a high content of polyphenols, vitamins and minerals in traces.

The combination of highly alkaline waters, flavours and natural infusions is a breakthrough in the field of beverages. We thought it worth to undertake this innovative project, which could bring new global opportunities. – states Ms. Laura Tirelli, Owner and Sales Manager – We could be experiencing a revolution that recalls the one we experienced in the early nineties, when we found the right formula for the first bottled ice tea. That was a great success, which gave an excellent boost to our company, and continues to give us satisfaction.”

Among the leading producers of tea infusion in Europe, L’Italiana Aromi can boast over a century of experience in the production of flavours, infusions, extracts and distillates intended for the beverage, food and pharmaceutical industries. This new target underlines the “tailor made” feature of the company, delivering its heritage of research and knowledge in the service of its customers and partners.