The consumers trend to look for healthy products is spreading worldwide, but the global market points to Italy and relies on its expertise when it comes to choose true tastes. An unmistakable style envied by everyone, copied by many. Also in the case of coffee!

The brewed coffee by L’Italiana Aromi is obtained exclusively brewing grinded coffee, therefore ensuring full naturalness and unique taste. Ideal in dairy applications, it tastes excellently also in dairy-free products. In fact it was also tested in products based on “vegetal milk” where its rich, full-bodied, round and typical bitter taste of the home-made moka coffee can be appreciated. In vegetal alternatives, like soy, rice, almond, oats and coconut milk, its taste and body remain unchanged and give the finished products a surprising coffee flavour that can satisfy even the most demanding coffee estimators.

Coffee only! Therefore, completely natural, without additives, colourings nor flavours, the coffee infusion by L’Italiana Aromi fully meets the manufacturers need to place clean-label products on the market. This brewed coffee can be used in vegetarian and vegan dishes. The company expertise and flexibility make it possible to offer customers a coffee infusion made with different coffee blends and roasting levels, all features that determine its broad versatility of application.

This brewed coffee can be used in:

  • Drinks (dairy and non-dairy)
  • Yogurts (dairy and non-dairy)
  • Desserts (dairy and non-dairy)
  • Puddings
  • Ice-creams (dairy and non-dairy)
  • Ice lollies
  • Slush
  • Iced coffee

Among the first producers of tea infusion in Europe, L’Italiana Aromi can boast a long-term, consolidated expertise in the technique of extraction by infusion. A technique which requires very high-quality raw materials and ensures excellent organoleptic characteristics of the finished product.