Apple, kiwi fruit, cucumber, spinach, ginger, green tea. Carrot, pineapple, sweet potato, acerola, turmeric, pumpkin. Grapes, strawberry, beetroot, tomato, pomegranate, currant, rhubarb…

In a time when traditional fruit juices keep losing market shares, the beverage industry is responding with endless combinations of fruit and vegetables to give the consumer exciting and unexpected new flavours.

Your challenge? Creating flavoursome drinks that satisfy the end user’s palate.

Our commitment? Working by your side to find a suitable solution for your market, combining our international experience with our Italian taste to create balanced and interesting flavours.

The raw material taste has an impact on the end product. High quality raw materials together with our flavourists’ expertise can create the best combinations for your customers. Our allergen free compounds enhanced/enriched with vitamins, at different extracts and juices content and combinations are developed from our own recipes or following our clients’ requirements. With our fruit and vegetable compounds you will produce drinks that meet the needs and taste of your most demanding customers.

We guarantee authentic taste and quality. All our compounds are made with flavours and natural flavours, extracts, juices and purees: they are produced in a closed-circuit plant in order to limit manual handling and avoid potential alterations to the material. We also prefer to use frozen juices because they maintain the authentic taste of the fruit and vegetables.

Products ideal for:


With or without juice? You pick.

Depending on the destination and the demand of the customer, we can either provide the complete semi-finished product containing flavours, extracts and juices or alternatively we can supply the flavouring component alone. In this case, logistics and cost savings are optimised and the client has the flexibility to prepare the final product with its own juices.