L’Italiana Aromi will present a stand full of innovations at Anuga 2017. Over the years, the beverage sector has become one of L’Italiana Aromi’s strongest areas of expertise in which the company continues to shape trends and drive innovation. One of the first producers of brewed tea in Europe – now representing 75% of its overall production – L’Italiana Aromi boasts a long and consolidated experience in other sectors such as dairy applications, plant based alternatives to cow’s milk, savoury and confectionery, all of which will be showcased at Anuga 2017. Common denominators are Italian quality and taste now aimed at a global market exploring new and original flavours.


This year, the range of infusions – made for non-alcoholic beverages, both traditional and new – has been expanded further. On stand visitors will have the chance to taste inimitable brewed teas – real tea leaves infusions achieved with different tea qualities (black, green and macha) and combined with a variety of flavours such as peach; red fruits; lemon; pineapple and passion fruit; turmeric and ginger; bergamot. Rich in catechins exclusively from tea leaves, this year L’Italiana Aromi will also introduce calorie-reduced and light versions of their brewed teas.

L’Italiana Aromi’s brewed coffee is made exclusively from ground coffee infusions and it is therefore completely natural, with no additives, colourants or flavourings, responding to the producers’ demand for ingredients with a clean label and authentic taste. When tested on milk alternatives such as soy, rice, coconut, almond and oats, it maintains its full-body, and the typical characteristics found in home-made coffee.

Fruit and vegetable based beverages

At a time when traditional fruit juices are losing market shares, the beverage industry is responding with countless combinations of fruit and vegetables to give consumers unexpected and original flavours. L’Italiana Aromi’s semi-finished flavours for fruit and vegetable soft drinks offer many options to producers riding this trend, both nationally and globally.

The taste of the raw material has a great impact on the final product: in fact for its semi-finished products L’Italiana Aromi only uses high quality raw materials selected under rigorous controls. These are then utilised by the company’s skilled flavourists to create well-balanced taste even with the most unusual ingredients. The range includes vitamin enriched compounds with variable percentages of juices and extracts.


The snack sector is predicted to experience a considerable growth over the next few years, to which L’Italiana Aromi is responding with a complete range of dusting flavours for crisps/chips, dried fruit, popcorn, etc. Included in the range are a number of flavours especially suitable for doughs and fillings such as crackers and sticks, bread, savoury biscuits, hydrous and anhydrous fillings, dips and spreadable creams.


To end on a sweet note, flavours for sweets and candy come in infinite varieties such as delicious assorted fruit jellies.

Appetising and well-balanced, the infusions and flavours created by L’Italiana Aromi are the result of competence and experience matured over a century of activity. Most importantly they are the fruit of continuous research, technologic development and in-depth knowledge of the raw materials, always of the highest quality and standards.