The flavoured water market is on the rise, experts say. Important research institutes have announced that between 2017 and 2021, the market should reach 10 billion litres (source Beverfood). Widely consumed in America (North and South), Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, this product category has huge economic potential. Currently, Latin America is number one in terms of sales but, in terms of consumption, the top spot goes to the United States, followed by Argentina and Germany for an estimated total that is 40% of the global volume.

Characterised by delicate and balanced notes, flavoured waters are usually prepared with spring water, flavourings and natural flavourings from fruit and vegetables, and can be combined with natural flower and plant extracts. Great for daily hydration, flavoured waters are suitable for all ages and can also accompany meals, replacing sodas and sugary non-alcoholic beverages. Health risks posed by foods and drinks with a high sugar content is at the centre of today’s policies and legislations. For this reason, flavoured waters could represent a healthier and more economic choice for millions of people – a trend which, if confirmed, will give water companies an opportunity to introduce their products into new markets.

A hundred years’ experience in the beverage sector makes us your ideal partner in the production of flavoured waters. Our flavourings, renowned for their authenticity, are balanced and innovative while providing exceptional intensity of aroma and flavour, excellent stability to light and heat and great persistence over time. All our products are tested directly on application, following the steps and the parameters of industrial production. Our R&D lab follows a “tailor made” approach to satisfy specific production needs of each client. This approach enables us to develop an infinite range of flavours that span from the most traditional to the most innovative. In addition, our offering is immediate available and provides the best value for money.

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