Everybody wants them

While it is true that “Man is what he eats”, the food & beverage industry currently has to approach conscious consumers, who are becoming increasingly aware that leading a healthy lifestyle means, first of all, having a proper diet. Every day “healthy” behaviour translates into the search for natural, tasty food and beverages which may have a low sugar content and even be environmentally friendly. Nothing but utopia? Not at all! The answer to consumers’ requirements is provided by the “100% botanical trend”, which has lately been having a major impact in the world’s food market. According to Innova Market, the consumption of natural and floral flavoured products grew by 23% between 2013 and 2017.

In such scenario, many food & beverage companies are offering 100% botanical products catering to their needs. This is the reason why floral, fruity and botanical inspired products are becoming increasingly easy to find on supermarket shelves. A wide variety of raw materials and combinations is available, ranging from the most classic ones – which reassure consumers with known flavours – to the boldest ones – which intrigue those interested in trying out something new.

We produce them

Fruit, vegetables, flowers, plants, herbs as well as spices and roots: we at L’Italiana Aromi can boast a century’s knowledge of botanical raw materials and extraction and infusion techniques; what is more, we can follow, and sometimes even anticipate, new trends.

Since 1890 we have been producing 100% botanical extracts and infusions, suited to different food & beverage applications. The ongoing growth of production capacity and flexibility is guaranteed by numerous traditional and state-of-the-art plants: distillers, extractors and concentrators. In our Research, Development & Application and Quality Control laboratories – among the largest and most advanced in Europe –, a team of professionals works according to a rigorous methodology, which goes from the careful study of raw materials to chemical-physical and microbiological analysis, from the testing of the finished product to the proposal of application solutions. It is our goal to provide you with 100% botanical products which will allow you to create applications accompanying consumers in every moment of their days. Our extracts are specially developed for the customer, which is the name for first-rate, GMO-free, vegan, Kosher,  customizable products.

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