A unique blend of tradition and innovation. Ice cream, granita and sorbet are ideal for fresh, tasty, nourishing, natural breaks. A comfort food par excellence, ice cream is the name for a tempting, ever-evolving world. The ice cream industry is experiencing a staggering growth: the global market value of ice cream is expected to total 89.5 billion dollars by 2023, with a CAGR of 4.9% during the forecast period (2018-2023). The growth of this segment is led by an increase in both income and the demand for sweet dishes (Source mordorintelligence.com).

Definitely classic flavours, which were and still are a must in consumption preferences, match new flavours from far-off countries. According to a survey conducted by foodingredientsfirst.com, consumers are eager to try new taste experiences. Travelling and a bent for discovering different cultures have paved the way for innovative flavours, which allow new sensory dimensions to be created and more complex flavours to be added to existing products. The way is then being made for herbs, floral and botanical essences, a universe of exotic fruits and flavours. Captivating, ever-cool flavours reminding you of enchanted worlds, populated by unicorns and clouds tasting like marshmallows, and, for an “innocent escape”, a totally alcohol-free one, cocktail or Prosecco flavours. Ice cream as well as sorbet and granita, soft and refreshing, smooth and frozen.

The ecstasy of the senses, the ecstasy of taste, combined with remarkable attention for the healthy component: wellness and health mean crucial factors to consumers. Here, as elsewhere, low-sugar products are receiving increased emphasis, with a view to catering to the need to harmonize the lifestyle with ethical choices, especially for the vegan world. The popularity of gluten and lactose free products epitomizes the importance of the food intolerance segment.

Hence stress is being laid on testing, matching familiar flavours with new, nonconventional, multicultural ones, for consumers who are becoming increasingly interested in enveloping experiences. Heading for new, limitless frontiers of taste.

Our company offers a selection of flavours in line with market trends and the desires of consumers, who are becoming increasingly informed and demanding when it comes to quality and wellness.

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