The frantic daily routine of life can lead to bad habits, sometimes in our diets as well. Despite our countless engagements, drinking was, and still is, an essential, natural act which we do several times during the day and which can prove to be something more than just an answer to the need to quench our thirstuenc.

Some drink little and reluctantly; some others drink much and with relish. And what if consumers look for a low-sugar product, maybe with a fruity flavour, and with vitamins, minerals, proteins or antioxidants, rather than plain water?

This requirement is met by functional drinks. Originally intended to provide a sound alternative to fizzy and/or sugar-rich drinks, or to classic water, functional beverages have come to play a major role in the world beverage market, with 7.5 billion litres produced from 2010 to 2015, and 10 billion litres expected to be produced by 2021 (Zenith Global, 2016). These beverages have specific properties based on their ingredients: energetic, proteinaceous, hydrating, antioxidant, digestive. Specially created to refresh you in a balanced, tasty manner.

We at L’Italiana Aromi can boast a century’s expertise in extraction techniques, and based on our deep knowledge of natural flavours, we can satisfy any requirement with regard to functional beverages. We anticipate trends and take care of our customers’ needs, working on the development of the product hand in hand with them. We create a bespoke flavouring in harmony with the functional characteristic of the beverage, using natural flavours, plant and fruit extracts. What is more, we search for, and recommend, the raw materials that best suit the product, in order to provide pleasant, captivating properties, thereby supporting our customers and helping them to craft successful functional beverages.

Let us give you a few examples: herbs and citrus in various combinations for digestive drinks. Ginger, turmeric, cinnamon and cardamom for surprising spiced waters; citrus, red fruits and tropical fruits for waters enriched with vitamins and minerals; ginseng, guarana and coffee for invigorating energy drinks; orange, lemon, mandarin and raspberry extracts for sports drinks; vanilla, cocoa, banana and coconut for protein, probiotic and prebiotic beverages. This would be an endless list, because whatever your need, we have all the expertise required to satisfy it!

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