No doubt fruit is considered to be one of the healthiest foods: tasty, sweet, natural and refreshing, a favourite among consumers in every season, including summer.

Nevertheless, maintaining the properties of fresh fruit in the products attentive, well-informed customers choose to purchase on a daily basis requires a deep knowledge of manufacturing processes.

L’Italiana Aromi can respond to this market trend, while fully respecting the raw material, with a high-performance PREMIUM product: fruit powder, a perfect blend of centenarian expertise and innovation.

Our fruit powder, which is available in several flavours – raspberry, blueberry, wild berries, strawberry, blackberry and currant – is the result of the processing of frozen whole fresh fruit only, without using any concentrated fruit juices, purees, sugar or artificial colouring.

The complex, painstaking production process allows us to maintain the organoleptic properties of fresh fruit and obtain one kilogram of 100% soluble product from approximately 6 to 8 kilograms of raw material: real squeezed fruit powder!

Genuine, intense taste, bright, natural colour, clean label and top quality: these are but some of the peculiarities of our fruit, which will add an authentic flavour to your applications, thereby satisfying the requirements of the most demanding customers with a preference for versatile products synonymous with unparalleled quality. Our fruit powder suits several different applications, including snacks, anhydrous cream, yoghurt, dessert, ice cream with milk or vegetal alternatives, sweets and food supplements.

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