Tradition, innovation, ultracentennial extraction expertise: these are the values L’Italiana Aromi – which has been specializing in the production of top-quality ualityflavours and natural flavours, infusions, extracts and distillates for the Food & Beverage industry since 1890 – is showcasing at Fi Europe 2019, at Villepinte Parc des Expositions (France), from 3 to 5 December.

Some new products, which both follow and create market trends, are being displayed at H 7 STAND 7M110,

next to the best-selling ones, particular emphasis being placed on the “clean label” theme: flavours, extracts and fruit extracts, 100% natural, free from additives and GMOs, with reduced salt content. Traditional flavours or bold combinations, created for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage, confectionery and savoury applications.

Non-alcoholic beverages

Great classics by L’Italiana Aromi for beverage applications: at the tasting area you can try brewed peach and lemon flavoured black tea, obtained by real infusion of tea leaves in boiling water. A special processing method results in an end product which maintains the organoleptic properties of the home-made beverage.

You cannot talk about classics without mentioning Italian coffee, which is also one of L’Italiana Aromi’s flagship products. Obtained by cold infusion of premium quality coffee, you can sample cold brewed coffee at the stand in the “Iced coffee” application for light, refreshing beverages; in a more concentrated form cold brewed coffee in the application beverages with Italian taste and character or cold brewed coffee syrup for a variety of finished products.

Alcoholic beverages

Over the last few years, bartenders and mixologists have given free play to creativity in the alcoholic beverage sector, following a new trend – that is, creating combinations and flavours breaking away from known ones. However, there is no innovation without tradition: you have to rely on the world’s most popular and best loved classics to get some successful drinks. Based on ultracentennial expertise and an excellent, accurate selection of botanicals, L’Italiana Aromi provides its customers with authentically and uniquely tasting products, which you can try at the stand.

Confectionery and bakery

In the collective imagination, confectionery means comfort food par excellence. For confectionery applications, L’Italiana Aromi has developed both traditional and innovative flavours, attention being directed to natural ingredients and the need for a clean label on the finished product. Flavours, extracts and semi-finished products for candies, biscuits, chocolate and chocolates will be available at Fi Europe, in ready-to-taste applications.


Italian style and ethnic taste are the hallmarks of the flavours and extracts for savoury applications. For several years, L’Italiana Aromi has been providing a wide selection for preparing sauces and savoury snacks which mirror the tastes of all food cultures, while relying on flavourists’ ongoing expertise and search for combinations adding sensory quality to the taste of the finished product, thus making it authentic and balanced.