Excellent for the most varied applications, fruit powder is ideal in the dairy sector. Whether innovative or traditional, made from cows’ milk or vegetal alternatives, these products need to be healthy, balanced and most importantly flavoursome.

Our fruit powder, which is available in several flavours – raspberry, blueberry, wild berries, strawberry, blackberry, currant and tropical notes – is the result of the processing of frozen whole fruit or fruit puree, without using any concentrated fruit juices, sugar or artificial colouring.

Genuine, intense taste, bright, natural colour, clean label and top quality: these are but some of the peculiarities of our fruit, which will add an authentic flavour to your applications, thereby satisfying the requirements of the most demanding customers with a preference for versatile products synonymous with unparalleled quality. Our fruit powder suits several different applications. In the same product range we can offer compounds of fruit natural flavours and fruit powders.

For dairy and vegetal drinks we have developed a range of delicious flavours and natural flavours, extracts and infusions. Our products are made from raw materials of excellent quality to offer that natural, pleasant and genuine taste that consumers appreciate.

Are you looking for an absolute novelty? This is the product you are looking for.


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