One leads to another, no doubt about that. Chips are among the all-time favourite snacks. Nowadays, they are among the tastiest as well. The accompaniment for aperitifs par excellence, ideal as a hunger breaker, excellent with a drink or comfort food at the end of a busy day. They suit any moment perfectly. These unique properties also seem to have been confirmed by market surveys suggesting that this snack category is growing quickly.

Indeed, according to a survey conducted by, the global chips market is expected to have a CAGR of 4.40% during the period 2020-2025. Several factors are going to help boost chips sales worldwide: product variety, mixed regional flavours, consumers’ changing lifestyles and growing distribution channels. The introduction of healthier alternatives free from glutamate, guanylate and inosinate, with a low fat and sodium content, into emerging markets makes chips into an even more captivating product, thus having an impact on market growth. According to a study carried out by   Future Market Insights on consumption trends in the snack market, the healthy factor is a major requirement with regard to snacks between meals as well.

Within this scenario, versatility stands out as the number one strength of chips; this includes the vast universe of flavours offered and their numerous contaminations. For this rapidly evolving market, we have developed a range of 100% natural, vegan seasonings, with a low sodium content, free from additives and colouring agents. Without glutamate, guanylate and inosinate. Selected with taste and expertise.

For those fond of Italian tradition, classic pizza and cheese, and the intense, refined flavour of black truffle will be a must. Curry, coconut and curcuma, pink pepper and lime, coriander and garlic will be millions of people’s favourites. Finally, those who love tantalizing their palates with something savoury, though really original, will be surprised by such powder flavours as red fruits and acerola, raspberry and redcurrant, blueberry and cranberry. New and unexpected, while placing emphasis on top-quality raw materials and authentic flavours.

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