After long discussions within the marketing and communications team, after many second thoughts and many difficulties, in May 2020 we decided not to participate to Fi Europe 2020 first of all to protect the safety of our employees. But not only that: at that time in Italy we were in full lockdown and the count of victims from Covid-19 was daily news. While everywhere else in the world this seemed to be a circumscribed and easy to overcome problem, to us it seemed obvious and appropriate not to encourage any dangerous behaviour. Later it became clear that the problem was not going to be resolved that quickly and that the winter season might bring a worsening of the situation everywhere. All of this is in addition to a disjointed management of the pandemic from different countries worldwide, resulting in a lack of clarity and certainty for everyone.

Our predictions have now been confirmed: Fi Europe 2020 will only be in virtual mode.

We fully understand the difficulty of Informa Markets in making such an important decision in organisational and economic terms, and we also believe that it is the correct approach in respect of everyone’s safety.

We are confident that we’ll join Fi Europe 2021 trade show with renewed energy and enthusiasm and that it will be an opportunity to shake hands again.

In the meantime, we are of course always operational and you can also find us on UL Prospector