Cosmopolitan, in life and when eating. A mix match of flavours, fragrances and tastes has long had a major impact on food trends. From barbecue sauce to tzatziki, from French dressings to salad oil with notes of hot pepper, truffle, basil, from spicy Mexican sauce to soy sauce, food tells stories which cross languages and cultures. At the restaurant as at home, they add a touch to traditional dishes or result in a medley of flavours in perfect fusion style.

The sauce, dressing and seasoning market is increasingly thriving, the emphasis being on a healthy lifestyle. According to a new report drawn up by P & S Market Research, the global market in this segment will be worth US$ 143,875.00 by 2023. Market growth will be driven by higher demand for healthy sauces, greater popularity of international cuisine and consumers’ higher income worldwide (source:

Increasingly label-conscious, well-informed and aware consumers can now choose from light, vegetarian and vegan, free from (gluten, thickening and colouring agents, additives), kosher and halal foods.

The pleasure of tempting your palate according to your lifestyle, ethics and religion can influence the perceived quality of a product, thereby determining purchases.

Our company provides solutions catering for international markets’ requirements. Flavours in liquid or powder form, fat-soluble extracts, natural FTNF flavours, standardized fat extracts: our laboratories have developed a wide range of clean label products with balanced taste properties for your sauces and seasonings.

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