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Clean labels, high quality and authenticity.

Unique and refined flavour experience

Clean labels, high quality and authenticity.


Unique flavourings and fruit powders that combine the real taste of fruit with the smooth and creamy notes of your dairy-products.

Excellent for the most varied applications, fruit powder is ideal in the dairy sector. Whether innovative or traditional, these products need to be healthy, balanced and most importantly flavoursome.

Our fruit powder, which is available in several tastes – raspberry, blueberry, wild berries, strawberry, blackberry, currant and tropical notes – is the result of the processing of frozen fruit or fruit puree, without using any concentrated fruit juices, sugar or artificial colouring.

Genuine, intense taste, bright, natural colour, clean label and top quality: our fruit powder suits several different applications. In the same product range, we can offer compounds of natural fruit flavours and fruit powders.

We have developed a range of delicious flavours and natural flavours, extracts and infusions for dairy drinks. Our products are made from raw materials of excellent quality to offer that natural, pleasant and genuine taste that consumers appreciate.

A wide range of products for
the dairy sector.

When it comes to dairy products, consumers are increasingly looking for clean labels, high quality and authenticity. Our wide range of flavours complements the natural notes of milk and other dairy products, ensuring the natural characteristics of the raw material are blended into a unique and refined flavour experience – without compromising on nutrition.

Thanks to our extensive expertise, we can help you select the right product for your needs; from subtle flavours to more exotic combinations, from sweet to savoury notes, we will help you achieve the right balance for any dairy product.

  • Fruit flavours
  • Brown flavours: hazelnut, chocolate, coffee, cappuccino, toffee and many more
  • White flavours: milk, butter, yogurt, custard, cream and many more
  • Masking flavours
  • Extracts
  • Fruit Powder
  • Savoury flavours
  • Spices and herbs extracts

Flavours play an important role in everyday life. Your customers know it.
And so do we.

Since 1890 we have been creating flavours, extracts and distillates for the food and pharmaceutical industry. Our flavourists’ job is to create authentic flavours for your products. Therefore, we work with you, combining nature and science, looking for new and challenging recipes.

Our history is tradition and knowledge that, from father to son, have been handed down for over a century never fastening us to the past.

For this reason, we have chosen to approach the needs of the present with constant technological updating, the enlargement of our laboratories, and the increase of our production capacity.

We have chosen to be eco-friendly to “light up” our factory and to contribute to a future clean environment.
Over the past decade, the company IT system has been designed and constantly upgraded to maintain high safety, quality, and reliability standards.

To offer you only the best, we have chosen to use only the highest quality raw materials produced by selected and specialized suppliers worldwide.

We can give you constant service during all phases of your creativity: from the sampling in the R&D phase to the production of products dedicated to niche markets, or the large-scale production destined for supermarket chains.




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