The latest consumer trend is to look for genuine products and it shows no sign of slowing down. When it comes to flavour, the global market often relies on Italy’s expertise and know-how to deliver taste and style – especially in the case of coffee.

Without any additives, colourants or flavours, L’Italiana Aromi’s coffee brew is completely natural and meets manufacturers need to place clean label products on the market. L’Italiana Aromi boasts a long and consolidated experience in infusion and extraction techniques, which combined with raw materials of the highest quality ensures a finished product with excellent organoleptic properties.

L’Italiana Aromi’s coffee brew is obtained exclusively through hot or cold infusion of gound coffee, ensuring total naturalness and a unique flavour.

Our cold brew is ideal for coffee based drinks, with or without sugar. They can also be flavoured in a traditional way with vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate, etc. or with more adventurous combinations  such as cardamom-cinnamon, tropical-ginger, anise-peach and other pairings (a predominant fruit flavour and a vegetal extract).

Hot brew coffee delivers the typically Italian moka pot/espresso taste and while it is perfect for applications containing dairy milk, it is also ideal for lactose free products. For example, it works well with vegetal based applications such as soy, rice, coconut, almond and oat, while maintaining that true full bodied flavour that can satisfy even the most refined palate.

Soft and powder extract

The beverage sector is not the only one witnessing a renaissance of this traditional flavour. Coffee, declined in all its nuances of flavour, roasting, aroma and provenance, is taking over the world of desserts, including baked goods, candy and chocolate as well. But it is ice cream where coffee is used in a variety of applications, ensuring authentic taste experiences for the consumer. It is no longer enough to rely on traditional coffee notes, warm and comforting, to satisfy the market’s demand; nowadays coffee flavoured products for the fridge aisle need to meet the expectations of a more refined palate – a trend that is quickly spreading on a global scale. For these applications, where dosage has to be carefully calibrated, L’Italiana Aromi produces soft and powder extracts which ensure unmistakable tasting notes even in small quantities. Therefore they are perfect for yogurts, desserts, ice cream, fillings, creams, sweets, candy and baked products, delivering a round, fairly bitter flavour, and a delicate scent.

hydro alcoholic extract 

Perfect to start the day but also a pleasant way to end it: coffee has found a new usage in alcoholic beverages, where Italy boasts centuries of experience with world famous brands. Neat or on the rocks, coffee liqueurs are also ideal for slushies, poured over top quality ice cream or even in the preparation of innovative cocktails. Our hydro alcoholic extract delivers an aromatic flavour with a hint of well balanced bitterness, low acidity, a medium body and an intense scent.

Scarica scheda infuso di caffè

Scarica scheda estratto molle e in polvere 

Scarica scheda Estratto idroalcolico