During the 60s a new trend took Italy by storm: non-alcoholic aperitifs packaged in handy single-dose bottles, enjoyable both at home and in bars. Different flavours and colours characterise these drinks – from intense to light red, amber and ginger. Practical, refreshing and made with mixed herbs, roots and other botanicals that provide that typical bitter-taste, aperitifs seduced Italians right away. Today aperitifs are extremely popular, particularly as a welcome drink before a party or a meal with family and friends, but also as an after work happy hour. Italians’ daily routines have always been set by rituals and having an aperitif with friends is one of these. It is an opportunity to spend time with our loved ones and relax after a long day, it is a moment of pleasure accompanied by a sip of something fresh and flavoursome.

Today the consumption of aperitifs is on the rise. Alcoholic ones, for example Spritz, were once only popular in the north of Italy and now they are famous all over the world. Even the non-alcoholic aperitifs are becoming glamourous and popular, especially among those who do not consume alcohol for dietary, religious or lifestyle reasons. So why are people enjoying aperitifs more and more? Because of their fresh and soft, but at the same time, bitter flavour; but also because they are a trendy, alcohol-free option that can be ordered with confidence.

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