Warm, enveloping colours; traditional, intense taste reinvented with a modern twist: rediscovering Vermouth, Italy’s flagship drink, first produced in Turin in the late 18th century.

In the food & beverage industry, searching for new flavours and irresistible mixtures departing from well-known ones is crucially important. However, reinterpreting a classic may sometimes surprise and amaze you as much as a new combination, as is the case with Vermouth, a symbol of the Italian-style aperitif and conviviality.

Back in 1786, Antonio Benedetto Carpano let himself be inspired by old recipes to create Vermouth, an aromatized wine introduced as an alternative to other strongly flavoured alcoholic drinks, adding herbs and spices. It unexpectedly proved so successful that businessmen and refined women would meet in cafés in Turin for the “Vermouth hour” every day, at 6:00pm.

Vermouth is now available in a new guise, in bars around the world as in cooking recipes. Based on its remarkable versatility, this liqueur is suitable for preparing mouth-watering, stylish cocktails with a modern twist, and as an ingredient to combine with dishes of meat and fish.

Since 1890, we at L’Italiana Aromi have been assisting our customers in producing excellent Vermouth from first-rate herb extracts, through accurate raw material selection, stringent tests and century-old extraction and production expertise.

Your products and our herb extracts for world-conquering Vermouth.